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Teifirags Ragdoll Kittens

The best time to view kittens is after they are 6 weeks old but I prefer to leave it until they are 9 weeks old and had their first health checks and injections.  As soon as a kitten is booked and a deposit of £100 is paid the kitten will become sold.  This deposit is non refundable unless for what ever reason the breeder can not provide you with the kitten of your choice.  There is very little difference in temperament between male and female kittens.  They are all individuals regardless of their sex.  When you are making an enquiry about a Teifirags kitten please tell us a little about yourself, your life style, if you have children, any other pets etc.
Teifirags kittens leave to go to their new homes at around 13/14 weeks of age.  Before leaving home they will be wormed, vaccinated and will have had a health check at the vets.  The kittens will also be registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), this documentation will be held back until veterinary confirmation of spaying/neutering has been received.  The kittens also leave home with a kitten pack which will contain an advice and diet sheet, food, toys and their pedigree.  All Teifirags kittens are sold with a 
 signed by both parties and must be spayed/neutered at or before they are six months of age.  Your new kitten will also have 4 weeks free insurance cover with Pet Plan.  I recommend that you continue with some insurance for the kitten, nobody knows what the future holds.
All of my kittens are used to everyday household activities and noises.  They are used to lots of visitors so are used to being handled, fussed and played with and are raised with our dogs around all the time.  They hear the phones ringing, the television, radio, hoover, washing machine, lawn mower, strimmer, hedge trimmer and the occasional fighter jets and helicopters flying over.  I also take the kittens with me in the car when I am going on short trips.  This gets them used to being in the cat carrier and traveling in the car.
New owners of my kittens are encouraged to keep in touch.  It is always nice to know how they are getting on.  I will always try to answer any questions or worries they may have.
My kittens are sold as indoor cats only.  We are not willing to sell a single kitten to a new home where he/she will be left on their own all day.
I am sorry but we do not export kittens.