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Teifirags Ragdoll Girls

SIRE   Azzedine Sundance Kid
DAM   Dononi Manushi
This Is Rosie
Rosie was born in April 2007.  She is a blue colourpoint.  Photo's do not do Rosie justice as she has wonderful deep blue eyes.  She is into everything and always wants to be in on whatever you are doing.  Rosie follows me around like a lap dog, which ever room I am in she is there at my side.  A big thankyou to Helen for letting me have this wonderful bundle.  Rosie has now been spayed
SIRE  Sueragdandy Blaze
DAM   Valleycat Charlies Angel
This is Nia
Nia was born in June 2010.  She is a blue mitted.  Nia will eat everything and anything, the slightest russel of paper and she is there like a shot.  We have to shut her in the hall out of the kitchen when the dogs are having their food as she just pushes her way through and leaves them standing watching while she tucks in.  I have to say she is naughty but very gentle and loving. 
SIRE   Teifirags Blue Indigo
 DAM   Teifirags Merlin's Nadia
This is Willow
Willow was born on 7th May 2014.  She is a blue mitted Ragdoll.  Willow was a little timid when her three brothers and her sister were still at home but since they have left us for their new homes she has come out of her shell.  She has a very loud purr which you can hear in the next room and when anyone walks near her she throws herself on the floor upside down for a tummy rub.  She loves coming for a cuddle when you are watching the telly at night
SIRE   Teifirags Blue Indigo
Dam   Teifirags Merlin's Nadia 
This Is Xandi
Xandi was born on 9th June 2015.  She is a seal colourpoint.  Xandi is not as big as her mum at the moment but we are hoping that she will be by the time she has fully developed into adulthood.  She has her mum and dad's temperament which is fantastic as they are both really laid back