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My name is Carol Griffiths and I live in the lovely Teifi Valley, West Wales, which is where the name for my prefix came from, with my husband David, our dogs and of course my cats
We moved to Wales in 2002 from Lancashire.  David was born in Wales but moved to Lancashire with his family when he was a young boy
We live in a traditional Welsh cottage that has been extended with about two acres of garden.  We grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables and I make my own chutney, jam, pickles and do a lot of baking, so along with my cats this helps to keep me very busy
It has always been my desire to breed these beautiful cats and I have finally fulfilled my ambition.  This would not have been possible without the love and support of David and lots of help from the two ladies who had the trust and faith in me to allow me to take home two of their kittens which got me on the road.  A big thankyou goes to Susan for Kaz and Nikky for Lilly
My Ragdoll girls are pets who live in the house with us but they have an outside run, with lots of toys, shelves and scratch posts, so that they can get some fresh air and see a little of the outside world.  This also allows me to have doors and windows open in the house at summer time with the peace of mind that they are safe.  They love to sit on the shelves and watch the birds on the bird table.  My cats are used to lots of visitors, dogs and every day household noises such as the hoover, washing machine, telephone ringing, radio, television and the not so everyday lawn mower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, strimmer and the occasional fighter jet or helicopter flying over.  My Ragdolls are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and I am a member and registered breeder with The British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC) and Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club (PRBCC) Ragdoll cat clubs
Dee was born in 2015, she is a liver and white English Springer Spaniel.  David went to Cumbria to bring her home when she was six months old.  She took a little time to settle in as she was very shy but has well and truly made herself at home now although she can still be a little shy when in new places or meeting new people.  Dee loves the cats, she is very gentle with them and she is always giving them a wash from which they end up wet through.  She loves swimming and diving in the river off the rocks in the village
 Griff was born in June 2016, he is a black cocker spaniel.  David has always wanted a cocker and I kept saying NO they are lunatics!  It was David's 70th birthday in February 2017 and Griff was his big suprise present, he knew nothing about him, although he had to have him early back in September 2016.  Now I know why I kept saying NO!  I have to say though he has a lovely nature and is a cheeky little monkey, you can not help laughing at him.
 This is Katie Cat
Teifirags Kiss Me Kate was born in August 2009.  She was really tiny and frail when she was born and we battled to keep her, bottle feeding every four hours night and day.  It was touch and go until she was 15 weeks old and started eating solid food although she was then less than half the size of her brothers and sisters.  Needless to say she has stayed with us here as a pet.  Katie has a lovely nature, not a bad bone in her body towards anyone, human or aminal, she adores the dogs and follows them around everywhere.
Katie 1